Saturday, November 26, 2011

***Canavaron Sim A Cool Place To Shop & Explore***

I recently started play a bit of Sl again. Not as much to re-open the store, but enough 
to still update this blog  with my exploration. I was home last night refurnishing 
my sim house and all of a sudden I felt like i wanted to clean my Landmarks folder.
You know how i is alot of stores and locations change slurl and also disappear from the grid.
 Well I went out there and ook beautiful pics.Check it out!

Everything so cool and detailed here! Welcome to Canavaron.No lagging here!nizzi_004nizzi_009nizzi_007
I couldn't resist visitng the Pub and the cellar after my fancy shopping.
I drunk beer and got warm at the fireplace beacuse outside the snow
 didn't stop for  second during my whole visit!nizzi_008nizzi_010
A perfect place to chill, relax, play board games and have
 a couple of drinks in a super coool atmosphere!
Hope you enjoy my little reportage and will visit them soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Supreme*Clothing Re Opens In New Life Sim



Supreme Clothing is happy to announce we r back in Biz!
If U missed us come check out the new location : cozy, neat,
on point! Also while designing the new line we are offering all
out creations on a huge big convenient bargain! So if you didn't know 
about us come and test our line quality and vestibility! We are a small boutique 
but we have so much to offer! Hope to see u soon at the new location in New Life!