Wednesday, March 7, 2012

*Freebies At Pirate Point Break*


Wow! I think I discover a little wonder here at Pirate Point Break!
You won't get bored a second.It's packed with high quality goodies,
 Lucky chairs for men and women, hunt prizes, even
 a magic chest dispensing goodies, and much more. 

Boards are craaazy and change often!Don't wait a second 
teleport and bring friends over! You will thank me later! 
The sim is small and loads fast and is cozy and welcoming!
 I promise you ' ll love the range of free amazing stuff! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exploring The Grid: AnonGirl Says No Acta!

I was an embedded reporter in a freedom fighters mission.
I followed Anongirl, one of the many Anonymous on the grid.

        There's not much time for fancy things her rebel  life.
Unconfortable most of all the time, remote, detached  locations, a lot of running ...and troubles.

While location has to stay secret AnonGirl let me take few pics of her pirate shack while she was about to pull out her Low Orbit Ionic Weaponry.

I sticked around so she could get some rest. She slept with her sigarette, not sure how.If you believe in a free internet..well stand up for your rights! #NoActa !
Resize your T_UrchinTreehouseInDeadTreehouseTree and join the movement.
She will find you.Aspect her!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exploring The Grid:Proposer Expo Offers Free Poses Gifts

First of all I must confess I can't use the new viewer. I m  still hooked on the very first one but shhh...i think is almost illegal lol. I went out again hunting for stuff. I ended up at 1st Proposer Expo. 
Which is PROPOSERS SIM - Animators and posemakers home.

Ended up being distracted and spending lindens but i went to report on free poses.
Yes! Free! Almost any creator has a gift box for the patrons and I collected some cool ones!

Explore the stands and pick up free gift like moves and props in almost every location. Hurry up the expo is over on feb 25th.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Exploring The Grid : Free Quality Furniture @ *Tatty Soup*

Check out  all the goodies collected last time i logged in.
Let's check out *Tatty Soup* box of freebies first!


 Case IZUMIYA=Free Trunk Big/Denim
Cases Vignette
Dress 1 Dollarbie a day at  CaffeVynil
Rugs, bongo, flowers and chairs by *Tatty Soup*

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DJ Ziggy Resident & Ital Vybez

Are you into Reggae Music?

Into Reggae Music? Then visit ItalVybez.
Live set from the Dj booth and also live bands and instruments.
All over a peaceful, irie, caribbean atmosphere with the right tunes.
Don't forget to check out the vendors if you are in search for clothes with soul.

Doesn' that rasta looks like the singer Alborosie to you?
 I want the mesh combat jacket! Is unisex!
Sneakers are also remarkable! Check them out!

Check also out the Resident Ital Vybez Veteran Dj Ziggy!

Exploring The Grid : Free Quality stuff @ Vignette

A wonderful place to visit on the grid is Vignette {slurl updated and working thanx to Franz!} where everything is free :
 hair, skin, clothes. Good quality items for the needy or the newbies.
The whole grid loves Vignette, pay a visit today if you missed it and pls leave a tip!

Pottery and cute free little boxes scattered around are free too!
Grab as many as you can. They are so cute!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Acta Invaders

I don't want to scare nobody but I discover something unusual...I was really just looking for my hairdresser slurl and clicked on a Landmark...Well you never know what you can discover just trying to style yourself a little bit. My hairdresser wasn't there anymore ..instead.. a huge space shift from the Invaders was.

Yes I was able to snatch a couple of quick pictures of their mothership.As you can see is active and huge

I was able to get a little closer and check the inside. Couldn't see those aliens as I couldn't see my hairdresser... and I made it out of there just in time before getting trapped by some sensors.

There were traces of recent activities but I had to leave before going deeper because, while I was exploring, some sort of alarm got triggered and I didn't feel safe ...

They are expanding. I'm sure they kidnapped my hairdresser by now. 
I'm sure something is up with these mean Invaders they probably part of the Sopa, Pipa or Acta.
Freedom Fighters engage your weapons , gather your legionaries, be ready to fight.
#noacta #iloveAnonymous

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sassy & Coco Group Gifts & Other Goodies

It's been a long time out of SL. Sorting out my Landmarks.
 I have a folder with all my favorite stores still.
One of my all time favorite store
on the grid is Sassy.Will be soon your favorite too.

Check out their nice GROUP GIFT ! Showed here on Anongirl The Rocking Dress. 
Paired with another 
amazing GROUP GIFT from Coco my furry hat!

Free Glitterati Props! Free Skin from Envy Me Woman Skin Gift
 Freestyle Lady Shape Cami Shape
Free Dress Group Gift from ~Sassy!~ Mainstore  
 Free Hat from *COCO* MainShop

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exploring & Getting Goodies in Turpentine

I was finally able to reach in Turpentine
but the way there was
 confused and mysterious.
I can't recall how I got there.
All I can see I didn't even have time to change my clothes!

Glad I reached tho! The surrounding is cozy
and packed with items I can't leave without!
 And there 's also a huge section where
a lot of stuff is on sale for 1L$.

Can you believe it? This whole section has goodies
on shelves, in baskets... goodies galore everywhere!
 I checked every corner and got everything i need for less than 5L$!
That's what I'm Talking about!
But it's not all if you explore patiently there are
 many amazing things to come like the magic boards!

Supreme Clothing Gear

Showcasing some of Supreme Clothing gear
while testing those amazing free  gift from Glitterati Group Gift.
Wow so much  fun with Mya that also joined me
 and walked home with some
original exclusive SC gear for free.

Currently looking for a place where to relocate my fabrics and crafts
if you would like to buy the Realitic Glitter Black Pants,The Satin Shiny Bolero
 and the Camouflage Pants In Black And White just send a NC to Nizar Redstar.
Outlets interested in hosting and reselling some Supreme Clothing gear please send a NC to Nizar Redstar. Thanx

Exlporing Eyeflyez In Second Life

Sometimes I go in places just to forget about other places. Just when I thouth of logging out I had a quick TP and glad I took it because Had a lot of fun in Eyefliez.

Made a couple of new furry firends, I even fished a bit and smoked one by the water..

Here I am not forgetting the importance of an education and catching up with books and culture in this little cozy office.
The best thing that happen to me while in  Eyeflyez was this AMAZING oracle. It was so precise and quick I'll  may just go back to try it again.