Friday, February 17, 2012

Acta Invaders

I don't want to scare nobody but I discover something unusual...I was really just looking for my hairdresser slurl and clicked on a Landmark...Well you never know what you can discover just trying to style yourself a little bit. My hairdresser wasn't there anymore ..instead.. a huge space shift from the Invaders was.

Yes I was able to snatch a couple of quick pictures of their mothership.As you can see is active and huge

I was able to get a little closer and check the inside. Couldn't see those aliens as I couldn't see my hairdresser... and I made it out of there just in time before getting trapped by some sensors.

There were traces of recent activities but I had to leave before going deeper because, while I was exploring, some sort of alarm got triggered and I didn't feel safe ...

They are expanding. I'm sure they kidnapped my hairdresser by now. 
I'm sure something is up with these mean Invaders they probably part of the Sopa, Pipa or Acta.
Freedom Fighters engage your weapons , gather your legionaries, be ready to fight.
#noacta #iloveAnonymous

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