Thursday, October 29, 2009



Tomorrow will officially start the Bitter & Sweet Hunt
Supreme*Clothing shares the Sweet Path with
tons of other shops...Can't wait !!! ;)


S*C Prize for boyz Camu shirt and Baggy Pants
The Boys price is also Unisex lol


S*C Handmade Red Mini Dress
so short and sexy I had to include undies & garter.
Enjoy and Happy Hunting!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Saturday, October 24, 2009

***Supreme*Clothing*October*New*Releases Part II***


S*C D-stressed Jeans
Super grungy Jeans with spikes around front pockets
topped with S*C Short Fur Jkt.
It's ecologic and shows some nipples.


S*C Woolness Outfit.
Soft and precious dark grey cachemere handknit
with sculpted collar and prim skirt.
Very warm and chic for those cold days ahead.
Belts included.


S*C Blue Ruffled Shirt.
A delicate and original looking shirt
with ruffle all around the neck
Belt included.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Hey! It's been a minute without an update...
so enjoy the new releases ;D
Supreme*Clothing Fancy Black Dress with mini skirt
Wool and silk and a sophisticated squared decoration on front
Lace stockings included.


A super sexy super short super silky minidress
Supreme*Clothing Tippi Toppi with bonus leggings included.
Just remember to rock it with some undies.


A wool and silk warm and elegant jacket
Supreme*Clothing Chanel Jacket
with white profiles all over the front
here rocked with S*C Latex Black Pants.


Nizar and Rahshad Byron, my warrior homie, playing around.
He's wearing S*C Camu Unisex shirt an other S*C Group Gift
while I'm sporting the new S*C Blue Unisex shirt
and S*C Splatter Jeans


Me and Rahshad getting closer and
Miss annabel Vella,latest Supremer,
in S*C Chinese Green Minidress.
In S*

Sunday, October 18, 2009



Supreme*Clothing Velvet Shorts & lace stockings
is the No Hunt free prize
paired with S*C black puffer
and the new S*C Batik sweater.
Also a unisex /male item in the box as well ;D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

***S*C* and* THE NO HUNT*


It starts tomorrow!

This is a hunt with a difference.
There will be NO hints, NO help.
The link down will dispay the URLs for you
in the event you give up and want to move on.
Do you think you are good enough to complete the entire hunt with NO help?

Friday, October 9, 2009

*** Supreme*Clothing and Zelda's Hat Hunt***


The witch Zelda is moving with everything she got,
and in the middle of her journey searching for a new home
she lost all her hats over the way.
Let's help her getting happy again?

** ----------------------- **
Two exclusive gifts from Supreme*Clothing
are hidden in the store as a part of the
Zelda's Hat Hunt that starts tomorrow
and involves several nice stores.
Don't miss out is fun and is free ;DDD
((u r looking for a brown witch hat))


Detail of one my prize in the hat for the hunt.



Nizar and Ronnie in some old skool restyled S*C
I'm rocking my Supreme Vynil Pants before the re-style
and Ronnie is wearing one of the first Supreme Unisex Shirt
called Protest, against Nuclear Energy
in an over polluted already world.


Here u can see the pants re-style
they much more alive and brillant now!
Also S*C Sequined (Arlecchino) Minidress is been
properly restyled and looks sexiest and vibrant than ever.

Sunday, October 4, 2009



Meet Lisamarie LittleBoots, a *Supremer*!!!
She 's such a perfect model and
everything looks amazing on her!!!
She made my Dollarbie Handmade Jacket a very sexy item!!!
She s also rocking the Supreme* Group*Gift
freshly released, Supreme Dark Jeans so fitting and cute
now out for 40 ls and another dollarbie Glitterati Top proving ....
U can be Supreme even on a tight budget ;D

Saturday, October 3, 2009



Supreme*Clothing New Group Gift For the Ladies!!!
*Supremers* check out the new gift
2 hot Leggings one with sequins the other one with
lace and roses both very versatile to go with
a mini jeans skirt or alone!
Enjoy! ;D