Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Hey! It's been a minute without an update...
so enjoy the new releases ;D
Supreme*Clothing Fancy Black Dress with mini skirt
Wool and silk and a sophisticated squared decoration on front
Lace stockings included.


A super sexy super short super silky minidress
Supreme*Clothing Tippi Toppi with bonus leggings included.
Just remember to rock it with some undies.


A wool and silk warm and elegant jacket
Supreme*Clothing Chanel Jacket
with white profiles all over the front
here rocked with S*C Latex Black Pants.


Nizar and Rahshad Byron, my warrior homie, playing around.
He's wearing S*C Camu Unisex shirt an other S*C Group Gift
while I'm sporting the new S*C Blue Unisex shirt
and S*C Splatter Jeans


Me and Rahshad getting closer and
Miss annabel Vella,latest Supremer,
in S*C Chinese Green Minidress.
In S*

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