Sunday, February 26, 2012

Exploring The Grid: AnonGirl Says No Acta!

I was an embedded reporter in a freedom fighters mission.
I followed Anongirl, one of the many Anonymous on the grid.

        There's not much time for fancy things her rebel  life.
Unconfortable most of all the time, remote, detached  locations, a lot of running ...and troubles.

While location has to stay secret AnonGirl let me take few pics of her pirate shack while she was about to pull out her Low Orbit Ionic Weaponry.

I sticked around so she could get some rest. She slept with her sigarette, not sure how.If you believe in a free internet..well stand up for your rights! #NoActa !
Resize your T_UrchinTreehouseInDeadTreehouseTree and join the movement.
She will find you.Aspect her!

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