Monday, September 7, 2009

***Don't miss these bargains***

Hey!! Plenty of good Bargains @ Supreme*Clothing Store!!!
Majority of outifts out for 40 LS, many for 20 LS or 10 LS.
Make sure to visit and don't miss out!!! ;D


Supreme Unisex Leather is a very realistic
zipped jacket on sale for 40 LS paired with
Supreme Unisex Baggy Jeans on sale for 20 LS


Supreme Wool and Glitter Blue Top 40 LS
Supreme Dark Jeans 40 LS


Supreme Metal shirt 20 LS with Supreme Baggy Jeans 20 LS
on Daton .
and Supreme Unisex Torso shirt 10 LS
with Supreme Dark Jeans for Nizar 40 LS.
Both wearing Supreme Unisex Grey Flanel shirt/jacket
on sale now for 20 LS.


Supreme Velvet Pants 10 LS and Supreme Fur Vest jacket 40 LS.


Supreme Orange Handknit Sweater open on front 40 LS
Supreme Unisex Yo shirt 10 LS.


Supreme Wool Short Jacket 40 LS
Supreme Dark Tight Jeans 40 LS


Supreme Unisex Grey Sweater 40 LS on Nizar
Supreme Baggy Jeans 20 LS on Daton &
Supreme Unisex Flowers Sweater 40 LS


Supreme Glittery Velvet & Silver micro dress 40 LS.


Me and Daton dressed alike ;DD

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