Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is going to be a long post...For different reasons...Hope you don 't mind...

I took Scarletk to a very special place to take pics. The place is Suri's;
I go there sometimes because she has amazing posing collections.
She is also super cool & generous and allows me to use them.


So we were there taking pics and Suri appared ....we really had a blast.
She started rezzing things...this wonderful mirrored table is one
of her many creations and quickly became our photoshooting set.


And here is Suri Christen. Voila.
Many of you must know her already, she 's very talented, versatile,
fun, a script genius, a super fresh and hectic blogger
for Free*style and Free Second, an adventure hunter, a hottie,
a cool person to hang with and so much more.
I'm so glad I'm finally bloggin her...She's a (super)* star LOL
Here portrayed in 3 phases: in intimate ( not Supreme) ,
in Supreme Sexy Black Sequin and in Supreme Athletic Ballet mode,
proving there's no limit to what you can do when wearing a Supreme outfit.

oOOoooH!! Now we all know Suri's secret for her admirable shape ;)))
She doesn't stop a second !!! Look at her here!
Exercising on some Molin Rouge complicated ballet moves ;DDD
ScarletK is modeling Supreme Unisex Zipped sweater.
Nizar has on the fresh freebie Supreme Pink sequin top.
Suri in Supreme Sexy Black Sequin.


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