Friday, November 14, 2008

***Supreme*in the streets of Suburbia***


This week free gift  for  male members is called SupremeGreyMan
is warm wool and flanel jacket. We brought Supreme in the streets of Suburbia,
and DareDevilBjorn Diesel is our model.


He's a vampire but not one of these  always thirsty type
and he may look scary but I think he 's s sweet. We' r both wearing the
SupremeGreyman Jacket and we look like a team.


It feels like a movie set all the time there, all type of people doing their Rp thang,
weirdo thingz and beings, lot of drama and action but I feel safe  being so close to
my vampire homie, over all if he's rocking the SupremeBrownishMan
one of the new Men release at the Supreme Boutique.


Nizar is all Supremed out in this pic and DareDevilBjorn 
is showing the back jacket details. Now is clear than even vampires love 
the causal chic Supreme style.

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