Sunday, October 19, 2008


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  1. Pink Glittered Flowers Sequin : with handmade flowers decoration all over the neck line front and back.Precious and elegant,but so sexy and casual if rocked with jeans.
  2. Red Cachemere striped corset very simple but elegant and cheap.
  3. Torquoise Blue Damask Silk : a precious and superb handmade item of the collection and one of the best sellers too.
  4. Sexy Leather Vest : very realistic, grunge looking, aggressive. I always rock it when I ride my Ducati Super Bike.
  5. Sparkling Pink Top : extremely precious and unique with Swarovsky cristals scattered all over is one of the most bright and surely eye catching top. A must have if you love those glitters.
  6. Pajettes and Roses : Sexy V deep neck in front. realistic roses handprinted and nice pajettes running over the back shoulders. Quality and proper fitting is guaranteed. Come check the items in world or click on the Supreme Clothing Onrez store or Supreme Clothing Slxexchange one.

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