Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I met somebody mad cool today.From the first second we talked
we just got along so well.Let me introduce to all you Miss Cariad Yiyuan.
She is so stilish and beautiful fresh. She designs also, beautiful stuff and has
a Super Cute Shop Caribou , located in one of those Sims, where I can get easily lost ,
packed with japanese designers and a lot of good quality freebies scattered
in these tiny superb shops. Is really worth a click.Do yourself a favor and go visit ;D

We got along so well we even exchanged gifts and shared the same chair.
Cariad is wearing the Supreme White China Top,
a special bonus in some top purchases.
Nizar wears a super realistic & trendy Caribu Angel Top.
Looking forward to meet you again, Bon Bon :))

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