Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Super Suri from Free*style and Nizar having a great time profiling together.
She 's incredible and mad fun ;D

Supreme Green Silk chinese outfit is been blogged by a foxy Nissa Nightfire @ Magpie.
Amazing style and pictures.

He couldn't miss. Meet Jethro .Exceptionally in red.


Big thanx to these amazing girls for blogging my stuff and for the great job with their projects. Also thanx to Free Second.
I'm a supporter and u guys make me enjoy the game even more. Big ups!!

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Tierra Teardrop said...

The new store is looking good, hun!

Nice job on the men's wear you added, too. Anything to get boys to wear something other than the freebie tux and Adidas logo shirts is a definite blessing to Second Life!

See ya in the shop soon! *hugs*