Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ah! The *Supremers*... ;D That's the Supreme' s Clothing Group.
Is a little family and members are fellows, friends, partners in crime, customers, supporters. Love to spoil them with free gifts in group notices
every week , so far. One for ladies and one for gentlemen.
Here a sample list of the member gifts released .
Join us today sending an Im for an invitation to Nizar Redstar.

This is one of the free member gifts for ladies, super glittered for those disco nightes.

This outfit , called Orange satin dress, is classy, original , elegant.
You can get it joining the group or camping @ the Supreme Prize Chairs

Another sexy gifts for ladies is this outfit called Pink Dream.
Silky pink chinese skirt with deep lateral cuts and a transparent all seeing thru bra,heart shaped. Free for members or yours after 30 mnts camping @ Supreme Lucky Chairs.

Unisex, dark blue with zip and front pockets is one of the lastest gift.
Logo sported back and front.

Complete man outifit.The first male members gift.I still remember.
Baggy jeans with SC logo on the back pocket and a cute dark jacket, perfect for outdoors activities . You can get it joining the group, camping here ..or buying it !! ;P

Last week ladies gift is this tight and warm black vest with white Supreme logo on the back.
This sweater, already blogged in the post below, is also a members gift and also available , for a LIMITED TIME, camping here.

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