Monday, October 20, 2008


The blue zipped sweater, warm, comfy, grungy enough to be rocked even by warriors.

Portraited above,Mattew is wearing the Supreme Male free shirt . Also free,and unisex, are these 2 winter warm jackets for da cold days coming up. The yellow is a long jacket the red is short. Here worn by Steve,Red and Scarletk.

One of the latest release for males is called Metal, here worn by a sexiest than ever Polymerase Writer!

A classic ,sporty,grunge looking grey and dark blue male sweater that fits well females too: try it on to prove it.
Also so easy to get if you join the Supreme Group you 'll find the downloadable box right there in notices .

The Punisher shirt, here weared by a mysterious WuJah,
glows in the night. For outlaws.

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